Petzl DJINN AXESS Quickdraw M60AD 12

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– The DJINN AXESS quickdraw is a reliable, durable solution for initiation to outdoor climbing. It has an AXESS sling and two DJINN carabiners: one straight-gate carabiner on top and one bent-gate carabiner on the bottom. The top carabiner, equipped with the Keylock system and a special nose shape, facilitates clipping and unclipping the anchor. The bottom carabiner is equipped with STRING sling protection to hold the carabiner in position and to facilitate clipping the rope.
– DJINN straight gate (upper part of the draw): facilitates clipping and unclipping
– DJINN bent gate (lower part of the draw): facilitates clipping the rope
– Major axis strength: 23 kN
– Minor axis strength: 8 kN
– Open gate strength: 9 kN
– Gate opening: 24 mm
– Bent gate carabiner opening: 27 mm Capacity: 24 mm
– Material(s): aluminum carabiner, polyester webbing, rubber STRING
– Certification(s): CE EN 12275 type B, UIAA, CE EN 566
– 11″ Overall Length