Primus Micron Camp Lantern Frosted Glass





Primus Micron Lantern Outdoor Lantern is compact, lightweight and durable. This camping lantern will provide light and warmth when you need it. The Micron Lantern Camping Lantern from Primus offers image an infinite range of brightness. The Easy Trigger ignition on this camping equipment allows for quick and easy lighting. The Primus Micron Lantern has a patented burner that ensures the lantern is virtually silent and uses little gas.

Specifications and Features:
Lumens: 360
Weight: 4.8oz
Output: 300 W / 1100 BTU/h
Dimensions: 2.4″ x 2.4″ x 4.2″
Ignition: Piezoelectric
Burn time: 4-36 hours
Compact, lightweight and durable
Provides light and warmth
Infinitely adjustable brightness
Easy Trigger ignition system allows for quick and easy lighting
Patented burner ensures lantern is virtually silent and uses little gas
Glass version, comes in a sturdy plastic case