Primus Micron Lantern Lightweight Compact Camping Gas Lamp Light Biker





If you want light and heat in a silent unbreakable easy to use package, then the Micron lantern is for you.

The Micron is designed specifically to generate a bright adjustable light whilst giving off heat when you need it.

If you’ve used glass gas lanterns before you’ll know they can sometimes be troublesome to look after. This lantern you simply screw on your canister, click the lighter and off you go. And when you’re done it all fits neatly into the small rugged pack bag supplied, to stop it making your gear dirty when packed.

No glass to worry about.

Requires next to no maintenance.

It has a built in Piezo electric lighter.

Screws onto any Primus canister.

Comes with a steel hanging wire and clip but it can also be sat on the floor or used in a canister stabilizer

Virtually silent.

Very low gas draw, super economical.


Dimensions: 61 x 62 x 106 mm

Weight: 124g

Output: 235 Lumens

Micron Lantern comes with:

Burner, Hanging wire, pack bag, Piezo igniter.

It does not come with gas.

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