Salewa Ultra Train Aphalt/Black

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Product name Salva mens SALEWA MS ULTRA TRAIN 64408 [8624 / Zion / Monster] Michelin outdoor hiking shoes and 2016 spring summer new MICHELIN shoes
Brand information [salewa Salva:
Salva (SALEWA) is the General brand of outdoor equipment in Italy. Patagonia mainly, climbing shoes, shoes, backpacks, climbing, snowshoe, avalanchegear, tents, scattered throughout. It is perfect for outdoor characterized by vivid color. Better cost performance for functionality and design, finished in a sharp silhouette only in Italy.
For more product information 16 in the spring summer products is the 低登山_supiadohaikinngu用 shoes.
The sole TireMaker Michelin has developed.
Off-road tire technology employing the SALEWA mountain shoes, corresponds to the harsh environment, such as in accurate grip strength and advanced self cleaning power in various ground surface, slope next to take effect.3F,
SALEWA own 3rd floor system is part of the heel, sole and instep ensure comfort, required space, wrapping up evenly.MOTION GUIDANCE
You can feel the pace and support the natural movement for the sole and midsole are complex terrain, excellent.ADAPTIVE EYELETS
Provides a comfortable fit by with the 3F system embraces the entire foot.
Upper Breathable mesh, Coated fabric
Lining Breathable mesh lining
Sue Michelin Ultra Train
Note Because we go on sale at the store and sister store makes every effort to update the availability of latest ★, selling different., etc., cannot be prepared product when Yao may be requesting. Please be forewarned.
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42.5, 44


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